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BUFORIs are stylishly similar to American 1930s exotic coupes, however they are not copies or reproductions of those classic roadsters. Bufori is a <br>brand of hand-built automobiles truely inspired by the classical 1930s Grand American coupes. The company is owned by three Australian brothers <br>Anthony, George and Gerry Khouri. In 1986, Gerry Khouri began to build these special sports cars in his garage, one each for the three brothers, wh <br>led to the formation of the company. The road production non race models are specifically designed for their beauty alone similar to the way the <br>1930's coupes were conceived however these are not copies or reproductions of those classic roadsters. Each BUFORI is individually and exclusive <br>handmade for its owner The name Bufori is an acronym that stands <br>B Beautiful U Unique F Fantastic O Original R Romantic I Irresistible <br>The BUFORI Madison was the very first of the BUFORIs ever made. It was the start of the BUFORI Evolution and was just the begining of an amazin <br>adventure. The Khouri brothers wanted to build their dreamcars, a car that embodied the style and class of the classic roadster coupled with state-ofthe-art technology. The Madison which never really made it into full swing production were the first, the Madison are all hand produced in Australia an <br>these were undoubtedly the start of the BUFORI Motor Car Company and are the most sort after of all the Buforis they are easily recognisable by t <br>Jump In Speedster body Jerry wanted the 50’s hotrod touch Each unit is built by hand using traditional techniques in a 25step production process. <br>The body of a Bufori is made out of carbon fibre and Kevlar composite material, which is light and ultra strong. Every Bufori is made to order and are <br>customised according to the owners wishes. A few examples of the very rare Bufori Madison MKI and MKII and MKIII La Joya are currently displaye <br>at the Malaysian National Automotive Museum based at the Sepang International Race Circuit Eleanor Wylie once Spoke of the Madison Im in the <br>market for a car Im not a petrol head. In fact cars have never really interested me much. Im the typical female stereotype when it comes to driving. <br>long as my car gets me from A to B without any hassles and isnt a petrol guzzler thats all that matters. I generally dont care about torque accessorie <br>or whatevers under the bonnet. That is until recently, when I stumbled on a For Sale ad for a BUFORI. I have to admit that it was love at first sight. I <br>was instantly smitten. As a hopelessly romantic teenager I soaked up every word of F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby believing like so many <br>other wistful readers that we were born in the wrong era. I guess the story appealed to the 1930s Daisy in me those heady pre WW11 days of <br>hedonistic pleasure reserved solely for the gratification of the idle rich. BUFORIs are magnificent cars. They are lovingly handcrafted in the classic <br>styles of a bygone era when motoring was an enjoyable unhurried and simple pastime. The body of a BUFORI is constructed from Carbon Fibre and <br>Kevlar composite.The interior is fitted with the finest quality materials including hand sewn Connolly leather upholstery Mah 100% Persian silk carpe <br>a polished walnut dashboard and standard instrument bezels in 24 carat gold. Precious stones such as rubies or diamonds can also be incorporated <br>into the design. The latest technological equipment is available to enhance the BUFORI driving experience including voice activated, concert hall <br>quality audio systems, CD's, MP3 players and satellite radio. The BUFORI can also include a built in, handsfree mobile phone, plus SMS, WAP, ema <br>and GPS navigational system. As for propulsion, the BUFORI La JOYA can accelerate from 0 - 100 klms in 6.7 seconds. Ahhhh.... now thats what I c <br>a car Alas however, at a new retail price of $220,000 on average, the BUFORI will unfortunately be relegated to the nocturnal realms of my sleepy, <br>subconscious imagination In 1990, BUFORI was the only car manufacturer endorsed to carry the Australian Made logo. However, in 1992, the brothe <br>were encouraged by the Malaysian Prime Minister, YM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed to relocate their successful manufacturing operation to Kuala <br>Lumpur. BUFORI moved to Malaysia and produced its first Malaysian model the MK11 in 1999. In October 2008, the Bufori was chosen by Ralph <br>Laurent as an additional drawcard for the launch of his new perfume Notorious at various shopping malls across Malaysia. The Bufori La JOYA was <br>also showcased at the Australian International Motor Show in Darling Harbour, Sydney in October of that year. Each car has uncompromising luxury, <br>comfort and driving pleasure. The cars are tailored to suit the individual specifications and requirements of each buyer and then the car is painstaking <br>custom built by an expert team of 110 employees. There are 25 stages in the production, Each unit leaving the factory is a unique masterpiece with <br>customisations & options only being limited by the size of imagination and some say bank account, no two Bufori’s are the same. Base Model Range <br>include; Madison MK1 MK 11 soft-top, Mk11 hardtop La JOYA Mk111 Bambino, BMS-R1 Genev

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