CarTorque is built for Car Enthusiasts

CarTorque is Australia's fastest growing community for car enthusiasts. Why? Because we care about your passion and protecting your privacy and rights as a user.

This goes through everything we do, with advertising partners carefully selected for your interests and carefully selected events and clubs to suit your taste.

So how does CarTorque work?

The Home Page shows you the latest news from local and national Car clubs and Groups. Once you join a club you can also see posts from other club members.

The Events page shows you a list of events that are local to you based on your location. You can RSVP to events or select which events you are interested in attending. Clicking on an event shows you more information and allows you to share it with others or add it to your calendar.

The Marketplace will be the place for buying and selling local parts or even whole vechicles. We are currently building this area of the platform so check back there soon!

Got a tricky question? The forum is where you can post your question and allow the whole community to help you find an answer! Go on and introduce yourself to the team.

Car Clubs & Groups are the life blood of the car industry and CarTorque! Join local and national car clubs and groups or create your own!

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