1983 Reliant Rialto

Categories: British

This "silly boot model" Reliant Rialto was purchased in 2013 and driven all over the UK mainland for around 18 months. Then exported back to Australia. From its importation in late 2014 up until 2022 it was trailered to a select few car shows, but as of Christmas 2022 it has full ACT registration.... as a motortrike.

Q: Does it fall over a lot?
A: No, it is quite stable unless you drive very badly
Q: But Jeremy Clarkson....
A: Jeremy Clarkson modified the one used in top gear's hilarious skit to make it roll very easily, taller wheels, no stabiliser bar, and note that he always rolls it onto the drivers side.
Q: But really, they tip over as soon as you look at a corner?
A: We drove it all over the UK on all sorts of terrible roads and remained upright throughout. A bigger issue was crosswinds, they push the single front wheel around so quite often you are steering into the wind.
Q: I don't believe you, they tip over all the time, I have no idea how you made it here today, you should be dead.

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