Year- 2002 , TD2000 Roadster, (Silverstone model)

Categories: Chrome Bumper, Classic, Other

TD2000 - Factory built Replica of a 1950s Roadster, based on the MG-TD. <br>100 TD2000 cars were built in Australia and then the factory moved to Malaysia where around 350 cars were built and exported to around 8 different countries. <br> The cars were hand built to a high standard and were sold as new cars with a new car warranty. ( not a kit car ). <br>The TD2000 has the classic looks of a 1950s Roadster with the benefit of all modern running gear. The motors and gear box used in the Australian built cars was Nissan 2 Litre and the cars built in Malaysia had Toyota 2 Litre twin cam motors with Celica gear box.

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