Yea Cruise Night 12/11/22

Posted 4 months ago by Plymouth Dale Photos

Yea Cruise Night #6 November 12, 2022

Rain forecast for the afternoon and evening of the November Yea Cruise Night meant numbers were lower than previous events, but that didn’t stop a great variety of awesome vehicles turning up. 

The variety is wide as the Yea Cruise Night has no limitations to what you can bring. “Enthusiast vehicles” is the YCN motto, so that means almost anything interesting and cool will show up.

From a stock standard vintage car to a modern classic. You never know what you will see. 

This event saw the introduction of a slowed speed limit in High Street to 40km which will be imposed in future events also to make the environment safer for people wandering through the cars on display. 

Hopefully the December YCN brings some Warner weather and more visitors to Yea!! 


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