Swanpool Shannon’s High Country Targa Car Show 15/1/23

Posted 2 months ago by Plymouth Dale Photos

The Targa High Country Car Show was held on the oval in Swanpool by the Swanpool Motor Festival and Shannon’s. 

It attracted a modest crowd of interesting vehicles but nothing like the huge numbers the Swanpool Motor Festival attracts which is coming up on March 12th, 2023. 

Some lovely cars in attendance. A group of Porsches made a day of it, arriving in convoy on a warm and fine day. 

It was also another opportunity for CarTorque to implement their QR voting system to tally the votes and announce the winners at the end of the show. I think that deserves a separate post to highlight the winners vehicles. 

Thanks to Ross Coles for again organizing a great event. 

Plymouth Dale Photos. 

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