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How to vote in an online show

To vote in a show

Anybody can vote to determine the winners. There are six simple steps:

1. Register.  This keeps it fair. This is how we ensure everybody only votes once.

2. Click the Online Car Shows in the top menu and then scroll down the "Voting Open" shows till you find one you like.

3. Click the "show and vote" tab for that show.

4. Scroll through the cars listed in the show and click on the car to vote for it. You can vote for as many cars in the show as you like and you can come back and change your votes right up to when the show closes.

5. If you change your mind, click a second time on a car to reverse your vote for that car.

6. If you want to know more about the car, click on the little information button for that car.

Your Privacy matters to us.

To use Online Car Shows you need to register on the site. When you register we only ask for a username (make it up), a location (suburb or town will be fine), a password and your email address. We do not sell your information, we do not track your use of the site and we will never send you any spam. The only time you will hear from us is if you ask us to reset your password or you have won a prize or to update you when we have changed the site.

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Help for Online Car Shows created a new article
Sydney NSW, Australia

How to enter car into online show.

Three Simple Steps to enter a car in a show

Anybody can enter their car in an open or upcoming show. There are three simple steps:

1. Register on the site to set up your Garage on CarTorque

2. Once you have registered, add your cars to My Garage in your profile.  Click the down arrow in the top right hand corner to find your profile.  Share the story behind your car and add up to six images. Don't forget to tick the featured image box as this will be the image shown when you enter a car show. Now that you have set up your garage on CarTorque you can enter any show you want with just two clicks

3. Click on Online Shows in the top menu and scroll down the shows till you see one you want to enter, press add car and tick the car from your garage you want to enter. Done. 

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