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Welcome to KraveVIP, where every creation is forged with passion and dedication, infused with the essence of indie, punk, and grunge subcultures, and sparked by the adrenaline of the car scene. Established in 2023, we epitomize exclusivity and sophistication, striving for nothing short of perfection in every piece we offer.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Japanese car culture and the rebellious spirit of streetwear, KraveVIP transcends boundaries, weaving together elements of high-octane automotive passion with the raw authenticity of urban style.

Our ethos is rooted in the relentless energy of metal, the gritty attitude of grunge, and the individuality of indie punk music scenes. Each garment and accessory we create bears the imprint of these influences, embodying the untamed spirit of rebellion and originality that defines our brand.

Every single one of you helps out a lot, your support is far from unnoticed /// a thousand thank you’s for the support!

Visit us @ more info AND to view our clothing lineup!


INSTAGRAM - @kravevip


Sydney NSW, Australia

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