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Melbourne VIC, Australia


One-off convertible

If one-off and relatively obscure cars are your thing, this is likely to have some appeal. Studebaker's fourth-generation Champion is known well enough, however the several body styles offered did not include a convertible.

There was however a prototype soft-top, the history of which is reasonably well recorded, and yes it was eventually 'rescued'.

This car is listed as having a body by Dale Fisher, which if correct makes it a bit special.

It's also running what's listed as a 4.5lt V8 when Champions typically ran sixes and that's matched to a five-speed manual transmission.

The seller lists the paint condition as fair, and the shape of most other components as good.

It's offered with what sounds like a good history, including copies of appearances in Super Street and Custom Rodder magazines.

Located to the west of Sydney, it’s on the market at $33,000.


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