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Reborn electric DeLorean production slashed before it begins, ruled out for Australia

The maker of the new electric DeLorean – the modern reboot of the Back to the Future movie time machine – has cut production by 60 per cent two years before the first car is built. And none will come to Australia.

The US company bringing the DeLorean name back to the future says it is "going to production" with its first new car – but has slashed production by more than half nearly two years before the first example is built.

The DeLorean Alpha5 electric car – built by the firm that purchased the DeLorean name rights after the original company went bankrupt – revives the legendary badge made famous by the car that starred as a time machine in the 1980s Back to the Future movie series.

DeLorean announced plans last year to produce 9351 examples of the Alpha5 over six years, with deliveries due to start "no earlier" than late 2024.

However, in an email to customers last week, the company said it would slash the planned production run to 4000 cars over five years – due to claimed "supply chain bottlenecks".

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